17 Jan


Constant lights for studio use have come along way in the past few years. While they don’t have the power and motion stopping ability of strobes they do have a place not only for video use but also for still life especially food photography. While I still prefer to use strobes especially Good AD600...
05 Jan

Kimchi with a Japanese Twist

One of our loves is Kimchi, and growing the ingredients is a year-round process. Traditionally most would use Wombok, but in the past six months we have been growing Bekana (a Japanese cabbage or Brassica rapa var. chinensis ), this is a quicker growing cabbage with less water content so it remains very crisp...
03 Jan

Smokin Hot Chilli – Prik Jinda

Contrary to popular belief, “Thai chilies or Prik Jinda” didn’t actually originate from Thailand. They were originally introduced to South Asia in the 1500s by Christopher Columbus from Mexico, at that time the Spanish controlled commerce with Asia. Before Columbus arrived in Asia, Thai people used peppercorns to add heat to their food. but...
03 Jan

Home-style Pickled Jalapeños

What a contrast the 2020/21 summer season has been, last summer we were in the middle drought and Australia’s worst bush fires in decades, this year it’s been the opposite, very mild, humid and lots of rainfall. Perfect for the veggie patch, so much so that we have a plethora of vegetables, fruit and...
26 Jul

Winter is Tuna Time

To me autumn and winter is my favourite times of the year, I love the cold. But with the cold often comes a bounty of goodies….. not work goodies for photos, more food. It’s this time of the year is a real pleasure and relax to preserve any excess food and a successful day...
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