On the surface Sydney Harbour may appear to be a polluted waterway, flanked by one of the busiest business hubs in Australia. In fact you could be forgiven if you’ve never considered Sydney as a fishing destination. But those anglers that fish it know that Sydney Harbour is incredibly clean and has an abundance of aquatic creatures throughout its waterways. There is literally ocean life everywhere and it is thriving. This outstanding body of water with an amazing city backdrop is one of the most uniquely beautiful places you could ever fish.

Amongst the madness you will find a guy that loves the city and has embraced its lifestyle for himself and his family. He’s a mad bream fisho, a Daiwa Pro and he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fishing structure for bream. Everything about Greg Seeto screams “city slicker”. For some of us living a fast-paced life in a huge city would be a nightmare but within his life as a successful businessman, soccer dad, and husband, Greg is one of those fishos that just can’t get enough of the sport he loves.

From the subtleties of tuning his lure, to advanced casting techniques, and correct gear selection, Greg is one of those guys that does not stop striving to understand what works on any given day, then applying his winning ways over and over again to catch quality fish. His persistence and passion is contagious and inspiring, and all for humble bream.

The following are a selection of images captured during the filming of the Sydney Harbour Bream Fishing episode featuring Greg Seeto. All images were captured by Shottobits