Victorias highlands hosts some of the finest freshwater fishing in Australia. From slow flowing rivers littered with fallen timber and weedbeds through to expansive, seemingly barren impoundments that snake their way through grazing country, Victoria  is gifted with an assortment of varying and truly unique freshwater fisheries.

While all year round golden perch action prevails it’s during spring when the weather warms that things really starts to heat up and the GP bite kicks in to overdrive. Tranquil deepwater goldens rise from their winter slumber, and head into the margins to reserve their new homes amongst structure and edges, crank up their feeding habits to entertain, excite and challenge anglers like only spring goldens  can.

One angler has witnessed and experienced the heat of spring’s native fishing more than most. An avid and passionate native angler,  Marc Ainsworth has had a front row seat to the hot spring bite for over many years. With a wealth of experience to draw upon and a love for native tackle and techniques Marc gives us an insider’s insight into native fishing in spring and the techniques that fire on and off so you too can experience GP fishing at its finest.

The following are a selection of images captured during the filming of the Lake Eildon Fishing episode featuring Marc Ainsworth. All images were captured by Shottobits.