Australia is blessed with some of the most unique and inspiring angling that the world and fishing has to offer. Oceans that capture our souls and pristine inland waterways that nourish our desire to escape the stresses of urban existence, sit side by side with our expanse collection of reefs, beaches, estuaries, lakes and rivers, to endower anglers with a diverse collective of angling opportunities and species that are truly unique. As an angler nothing inspires as us deeply or generates as much excitement as seeking out a new destination.
Another spectacular location on our journey is Sydneys diversse waterways, from the sandstone cliffs and forests of the upper Hawkesbury to the bridges of the Parramatta river, Sydneys waterways offer every type of structure for the bream angler.

This time around we meet up with Kris Hickson, Daiwa Pro and Tournament angler and japans number one Daiwa Pro Chinu angler  Satoshi Nakayama too see how two of the worlds best bream anglers target fish . Kris is a very determined angler with a freakish ability to consistently land quality fish. His knowledge and skill levels marry perfectly with this series and hopefully influence your fishing. Joining Kris on this journey is Satoshi Nakayama. Hailing from Tokushima in Japan, Sato is s a key field tester and product designer for Daiwa Japan. Satoshi Nakayama’s skill is legendary in Japan where he targets monster chinu (bream) casting lures from the shore.