100% View

indexTo check to see if one of your images is in focus you will generally zoom in the image on your camera. But this can often be a slow process especially if you are under the pump to shoot images fast. But there is a quick way around this for Nikon D700, D300, D300s,D3, D3S, D3X, D800, D810 and D750 users.

When viewing an image the centre button can be set to view an image at 100% right on the focus point especially with AF lenses. On manual lenses it will zoom to the centre of the image.



To set this function, use the following steps.

  1. Custom Setting Menu
  2. Controls
  3. Multi Selector Centre Button
  4. Playback mode
  5. Zoom On/Off
  6. Set to medium (this is essentially 100%)

Once setup, to check an image simply press the centre button on the multi selector and voila! It shows the image at 100% magnification. It then can be scrolled around using the multi selector.