Nikon Df – Photographic Pleasure

It’s pretty obviously too most people that I have a passion for manual cameras, I’ve always been a Leica fan and they are the ultimate manual cameras. But for the past twenty plus years most of my work is carried out with Nikons, from the early days with film in the F5, the coming of the digital age in 1999 with the D1 and now the D810, I’ve been through all the Nikon pro cameras. They are all amazing cameras, and I would regard the new D750, which I’ve been doing some promotional videos for Nikon Australia, to be the ultimate media tool, but one thing that I miss is that old school manual operation, and now Nikon has combined the best of both worlds, digital technology with old school design, the Df.

DSC08671For the past few years we’ve seen the incredible development in DSLR’s, they now are an amazing tool, but what I have always wanted was just a camera that takes photos, how I want, no video, no arty filters, basic menus, just a camera with lots of manual dials. The DF is just that, with Nikon marketing it, as “I am pure photography”, like a Leica the DF forces you to slow down, think of the composition, combine shutter speed and f-stop to appropriately take the image that you imagine. This is how I learnt with manual film cameras over 30 years ago, and now it’s available in a digital format. Its mechanical operation is a natural choice providing the tactile pleasure  shooting with precision mechanics. WIth constant visibility and access to key camera settings, the Df reinforces the direct connection between you and the camera, giving you as Nikon say pure photographic pleasure.

Right – Shot on location in the Snowy Mountains, the Df is a a beautifully designed camera for those who have a passion of old school dials. Image taken with the Nikon D810.

To me the Df is designed to travel, simple sling over your shoulder with a fixed compact 50mm lens and hit the streets, markets and alleyways that weave through the cities of the world. And that’s what exactly I’m doing with its first major outing, hitting the streets of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan throughout December.

Thanks to Nikon Australia and NPS for the loan of the Df. For more information on the Nikon Df visit Nikon’s site at